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On this website you will find a selection of my wokrs in different categories you can choose from and the services i can offer. For more works you may visit me on facebook, soundcloud or YouTube. You can find thoses pages via the social buttons on top of this page.

My name is eljotem aka Lukas J. Marquardt. I'm a 23 years old Multimedia student from Kiel in northern Germany. In summer 2015 i will probably finish my studies in Multimedia Production at the University of applied sciences Kiel and become a Bachelor of Arts.
But years before my studies began, I started to play around with different media in creative ways. When I was 11 I began to play the guitar and sing and found my pleasure for music. Some time before that, I began drawing and creating my own new worlds. Creativity was always part of my life, so I was participating in several voluntary programs in school like computer classes, film projects, designing the school magazine or playing different instruments in several musicals organized by my school. In university, I continued with music by composing own songs and playing guitar in a band for a while. Also my studies gave me chances for many film productions, design projects, game and app programming, sound designing, webdesign, and many more experiences.
Actually I'm beginning to work as a local DJ and independent film producer.
If I woke your interest on working with me or if you have any further questions, you are free to use the contact form to contact me or you simply text me to eljotem[at]web.de. I'm looking forward for new messages.